Friday, November 20, 2009

Renovations day twelve

This is where we're at. This is where we've been for half of Thursday and Friday and the weekend - stuck on tiles.

I've since learned a lot about tiles, and I'll compile them in a Lesson 02 soon enough. But a pre-lesson, if you could say so, is that making mistakes cost you days of working. The tile contractor can't proceed because we're short on the right colour of tiles. Ah Yaw can't start cementing all the floors until the tile contractor is done, and the bathroom fixtures can't be installed until Ah Yaw has cemented the floors. I can't move out until the bathroom fixtures are installed. My landlady can't convert my rented room into a meat locker until I move out. And as long as my landlady doesn't have anywhere to store all that rotting meat, the hyenas won't go away.

So when I say that I've been learning a lot about what it means to make mistakes when buying tiles, I really do mean it. Wait...

Shoo! Put that down you mongrel! Shoo!!

Bad hyena.

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