Thursday, November 5, 2009

Renovations day two

Do you see that? No, not the pretty circles of light. Not even the out-of-focus white foggy thing between the firmament and the grey slab. It's the grey slab. Do you see that?

Do you know what it means? It's actually the first piece of construction that's taken place in the last two days. Everything else so far has been ... err ... destruction? Yeah. That's it.

But this! This grey slab sits where the old window used to sit. It's Athalia's way of saying that she's taller than all the people who used to live here, which explains why we've raised the kitchen sink counter and, by extension, the window sill that it sits on (pictured above) by some four inches.

Which is actually quite an understatement, cos Athalia's actually not just four, but about forty eight inches taller than most normal people. Yep. That also explains why we've decided to do away with roofs entirely. Hmmm... nice sky. We really should stargaze more often.

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Anonymous said...

pretty lights! :DD cant wait to see more pics of your new placeeee!!! i'm excited!! :D

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