Friday, November 6, 2009

Renovations day three

Or alternatively...

Introducing, Conservative Budgeting - the budgeting attitude that will revolutionise the way you allocate your finances!

Have you ever been caught out paying more for something than you originally intended? Well, fear no more. With Conservative Budgeting, get ready for a life full of paying less than what you've allocated! It's not rocket science. It's better than rocket science! It's the new wave of fiscal management that's taking the undereducated masses by storm!

Conservative Budgeting comes in three separate packages. Choose ConserveBud Home edition and spend three times less than your budget. Choose ConserveBud Enterprise edition and watch yourself hit your targets five times over. And finally, choose ConserveBud Datin edition and go under budget by over ten times! Don't believe it? Here's what some of our customers have to say!

"My son asked me the other day for fifty sen to buy some sweets. But I applied ConserveBud Home edition and decided to budget RM18 for two sweets. We were so delighted when he came back and spent about 96% under budget!"
- Verushka Lakewater, 36, homemaker

"I was purchasing 15 new operating system licenses for my office computers and eventhough some people told me it wouldn't cost more than RM15,000, I told my finance department that we needed RM2 million. Wah. You should have seen the bugger's face. Kept asking me why this why that. But I knew that with ConserveBud Enterprise edition, I would be vindicated. True enough, when the invoice came in, the operating system licenses only cost RM12,000. My CFO was so happy with the savings, he gave me a raise and took me to dinner at Duck King."
- Koon Cheng Hock, 42, operations assistant

"I was recently doing renovation at my house, and we had a sliding balcony door that was in a bad state. My contractor said that he could repair it at RM350. But using ConserveBud Datin edition, I went ahead and budget that sliding door at RM350,000. Yesterday, he called me to say that it couldn't be repaired, and that a new door would cost RM1,300. I am so relieved. Both me and my fiancee are happy that with ConserveBud Datin edition, we got to manage our expectations to this extent of our happiness!
- Fergus Ong, 29, filmmaker

Get your copy of Conservative Budgeting NOW!

Conservative Budgeting. Fun with bad estimates.

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