Monday, November 16, 2009

The not-so-glorious start

[Update: since posting this, we've gone and back-posted days seven and eight which happen to come with rather colourful pictures, rendering this post somewhat useless.]

Hokay. We're only into the third week of this blog's official launch and a sense of meh-ness has already set in. As you can see, I've not exactly been posting away very excitedly.

Yesterday, I figured out why. It's because...THE PICTURES ARE UGLY. It's what you get when you have both not-so-stellar photography skills and a dull subject. Really, we've tried really really hard, but there are very few ways you can snap an apartment in the throes of a cement bloodbath and make it remotely more interesting that a grey mess. And Photoshop does not help.

Plus, our grand vision of keeping a daily log of progress failed quite miserably. How many of your noticed that we cheat by back-posting? Oh, no one noticed? Never mind then, forget you read this last bit then. By the way, the sequence of events are all jumbled up, because our addled brains cannot remember what happened when. Though so far we've gotten the where and who part pretty down pat.

Anyways, in short, I think that the colour grey is starting to grate on me.


Vernon said...

Ask Sur-Jack to give you lessons in photography. Free some more =).

Athalia said...

WOW! The great Vernon has finally consented to comment on this humble site!


Jeanie said...

aiyoh, the two of you make super hilarious conversation. thoroughly enjoy reading them. keep them coming ! anyway, it scares me big time to see all those grey mess. will they ever get better, i wonder. admire your excitement !

Genusfrog said...

Hehehee... you guys should visit this weekend!! I'm serious! You have to you have to you have to!

(ok, why do I sound like a small brat?)

Athalia: Because you really are one?

oh. heh.

Athalia said...

Real Athalia: But you're not small also.

Jeanie said...

kakaka, big brat !

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