Friday, November 13, 2009

Renovations day eight

When Athalia's mum saw these, she yelped and said "Fergus!! They are giving you good cement!!"

Of course, I wouldn't have the first idea what brand of cement was good cement, or even what good cement felt like. But I do know that any cement that calls itself a fire-breathing beast of yore can't chip. Yep. I'm counting on this baby to stand even after an earthquake. If not, I'm taking it back and exchanging all my floors for an iguana.


Anonymous said...

LOL. you wouldnt want an iguana.. what if it changes colours to match the furniture in the apartment...? :D

Athalia said...

Hehe, but an iguana would be less dangerous then a dragon right?

Anyway today we went over and saw bags of Temasek cement, so I guess they aren't particular about using one brand only. It's probably all the same grey stuff, hehe.

Genusfrog said...

Oh, no. I think Temasek is what the tile contractor uses.

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