Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Renovations day six

Doorknob 1: Why is Fergus taking pictures of us?
Doorknob 2: Cos he's a doorknob.
Doorknob 1: No, stupid. We are doorknobs.
Doorknob 2: Oh. Heh. Maybe he's trying to be all arty and stuff. You know...
Doorknob 1: Yeah. Such a wannabe. (raises his voice) Dude! We're doorknobs! Go take pictures of girls holding umbrellas!
Doorknob 2: Ooh, not a bad idea.
Doorknob 1: I know.
Doorknob 2: You're smart.
Doorknob 1: I know. That's why I'm a doorknob. On the floor. Waiting to be thrown ou...
Doorknob 2: Err...
Doorknob 1: Nevermind.
Doorknob 2: I think he's taking pictures of us cos the renovation seems a bit slow and he's got nothing new to take today.
Doorknob 1: Actually, I think it's because I'm a sexy beast.
Doorknob 2: Oh ya. Man, you really are smart.

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