Monday, November 23, 2009

Macbook series 01

Ah, yes. Athalia has officially become a yuppie herself with her recent acquisition of Iris. Me? I just happen to be the fiancee with the perks of shooting with this fierce beast. Therefore, because so much of our shared existence revolves around the rolling hills of the Savannah our Macs, here's me offering its firstfruits to the god of apple.


Athalia said...

Ahem. I think the word you're looking for is "arty", not "yuppie". That's you.

Jeanie said...

arty, not yuppie. fiance, not fiancee. haha.

Genusfrog said...

athalia likes to call me a yuppie. but she has the newer mac. and the swankier car. and nicer clothes. and more shoes. and bags. (ok maybe the last two don't count). but she initiated buying the camera. i tell you, this girl is arty outside, yuppie inside! ahahaha!

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