Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lesson 01: Bring a tile with you

Do you see these two tiles? Do you see how they would have appeared identical to the mind's eye if the beholder was not clever enough to bring one piece with him to compare colour? Do you see it?

Cos I see it very clearly now!

Yes, indeed, I'm a fool of a took, because when Ah Yaw told me that we needed more tiles for the master bathroom, I thought that a product code was enough armour to carry along with me. Apparently not, as you can see - the twelve pieces I rushed back from Selayang are a shade different. Some shade differences are so miniscule, you can forgive. But this one is just that bit past the threshold. I'm the guy whom Athalia likes to describe as "even has an opinion on what kind of white to use". Exchange of tiles will take place Saturday but - sigh - credibility sudah hilang. The more I look at the two side-by-side, the more convinced I am that I should have known better.

In shame, I hang mine head.


Jeanie said...

Like mother, like son. i too cannot accept miniscule differences. In my eyes, these differences are often too glaring. Cannot cinchai one or you'll be very unhappy each time you face that wall ! You're doing the right thing, babe.

Karen said...

Aha. You both purposely put this on for me to read and then zoomed off without waiting for a word! I m going to take you on and say its a wasted golden oppurtunity for an unusual dinner conversation. "the 12 outstanding ones" , " we are a shade different from the rest ", "do you see us or them",we are one and yet we are distinctly unique""we ve got character","you can t wash us OUT", "show your true colours"....I better stop!

Athalia said...

Hahaha! The photo doesn't show the difference very clearly, but it is quite obvious in real life.

This is such a landmark, it's the FRIST time both mummies have commented on the same post! Fergs and I are very happy :D

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