Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Renovations day one

(type type type)

It's a war zone! Our house has turned into a mid-90s Eastern European war zone! Just look at our bathroom!! There must be at least several extended families buried under all that rubble! This is a disaster! This is Sarajevo all over again!

Athalia: Ooh you're blogging!
Fergus: Yeaps.
Athalia: Wait. What da heck is that?
Fergus: I'm using a war metaphor to say how I feel about our renovation.
Athalia: That's a terrible post.
Fergus: No, it's not. It's a brilliant pastiche of melodrama.
Athalia: It's ridiculous. Don't even dream of posting that on our blog.
Fergus: OooOOooOOo... then why don't you post?
Fergus: And they're great codes.
Athalia: So what's your problem?
Fergus: I've got no problem.
Athalia: You don't?
Fergus: Nope. Do you?
Athalia: Nope.
Fergus: See, so it's all good?
Athalia: Wait. You're inventing this whole dialogue from scratch aren't you?
Fergus: No.
Athalia: We're not really having this conversation, are we?
Fergus: Why not?


Athalia: You really are a stupid lowclass bear.

(type type type)

OMG OMG! Look! I think I just saw a Yugoslavian aunty near the toilet bowl hole!! Eeeew, sick! It's over! Our house is in ruins!


Athalia said...

Dumb bear, putting words in my mouth again.

Q said...

HAHAHAHAHA.. you have to post up a blog entry to defend yourself thay! lol

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