Sunday, November 15, 2009

Renovations: another special weekend edition

Why hello there.

It appears that I only post once a week, during the weekends. Ha-HA! Doesn't this rare appearance make you feel excited and tingly? No? Well never mind then. For I am feeling excited and tingly myself! Wouldn't you like to know why? Oh, you are shaking your head vigorously while gagging yourself? Never mind, I will tell you anyway.

Yesterday, the Furgus creature went to see our contractor and was told that the work should be finished by next Monday! This is wonderfully good news to hear, even though this Monday would be even better. But I am still very happy. For that means that soon, we will have lots more of work to do! There will be painting and wiping and carrying various awkwardly-shaped objects up three-and-a-half flights of stairs.

Oh-OHHH! I just realised that that means a lot of work for me! And it will make my arms and feet and neck and back very tired and sore! That is not good at all. What am I to do? Maybe if I hide under my bed and pretend to hibernate I can get someone else to do all that work. Yes, that is what I shall do. Lets hope the Furgus creature falls for it.

Post inspired by the pure comedy gold series "Berbatov is....The Continental" on Dirty Tackle.

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