Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Renovations day fourteen

Okay. We've posted too many pictures of our bathrooms, so this an attempt to break from that monotony. But honestly, outside the bathrooms, nothing much has happened. Oh, other than the workers preping the living-dining-kitchen space for Our Unthinkable Act. Did I just give something away? No, no I didn't. You'll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, the bottom ledge of the kitchen sink was just built today. See it? Well, there's a clue in the picture somewhere.

(big smile)


Jeanie said...

So the kitchen floor is also getting a facelift. I can see that the floor's all dug up. Oh, btw, are the kitchen sinks new? You'll also have to plan where to install your water filtration system. Normally it's installed near the faucet. If can have a separate tap for it, it's even better. And oh, you'll also need a concealed space to store the gas tank. Wow, another war zone in the making !

Genusfrog said...

yeah. actually i think the box says it should be about 5 feet away from the normal source. not sure, gotta pull it out to read again. as for the gas and cooking, that will probably be happening in the outside kitchen. dunno how we're gonna achieve that, but we will!

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