Monday, November 2, 2009

About us: redux

Fergus: Hi, I'm Fergus.
Athalia: And I'm Athalia.
Fergus: You didn't say hi.
Athalia: (gives Fergus evil squint)
Fergus: This blog was her idea.
Athalia: No, it wasn't.
Fergus: and it was such a good idea.
Athalia: Oh really? Yeah, it was my idea. (big satisfied grin)
Fergus: Anyways, I like garage bands, existential movies, 60s pop culture, bad puns and fatty foods. I used to think I was angloph-
Athalia: What's an existential movie?
Fergus: What?
Athalia: Yeah. What do you mean by existential movie? Sounds to me like a movie that wonders if it's a movie.
Fergus: No. I meant movies that have existential themes.
Athalia: That's a movie about existentialism. They're not the same thing.
Fergus: Ok. Clever girl.
Athalia: And you don't like fatty foods that much. I think you're giving yourself too much credit.
Fergus: What about what you like?
Athalia: I like bears. And hedgehogs! And books. And bags with flower prints. And bad puns. And self-depreciating humour. And vegetables. Ooh, look! Brocolli! (froths in the mouth)

(The real Athalia calls out from behind Fergus' chair)

Real Athalia: Oi. What are you doing?
Real Fergus: Oh, nothing.
Real Athalia: You're writing dialogue.
Real Fergus: Yeah. I'm writing a conversation between the two of us for the About Page for our blog.
Real Athalia: I don't talk like that.
Real Fergus: It's ok. I don't talk like that too.
Real Athalia: Froths in the mouth? -_-
Real Fergus: Hehehe.
Real Athalia: Take that out.
Real Fergus: No. It's funny.
Real Athalia: Just you wait.

[originally posted on 2 April]

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NickTay said...

Woohooo!! Can't wait to see the wedding prep stuff :)

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