Sunday, November 22, 2009

The name game

We have a habit of naming our gadgets. It started with one, just for fun, and it gradually grew out of hand and became impossible to stop. So far we've got:
  • Poppy the MyVi
  • Makmak the Satria (okay, it's from his car plate, but it stuck and we say it with affection)
  • Dante the ipod
  • Salvador the vintage iBookG4
  • Ophelia the MacBook (I thought it very apt when I found out her name means "help")
  • Karlof the 500MB external hard drive
  • Constantine the 1TB external hard drive
  • Benoit the 2GB thumbdrive
  • Mariella the 1GB thumbdrive
  • Heidi the portable hard drive, who has unfortunately gone to the great electronics junkyard in the sky
  • Olaf the new office PC
  • Boris, the old office PC, who now sits in the living room of a 45-year-old Indian gentleman
  • Raoul the video camera (named after Raoul Coutard).
Overloaded yet? Well our month-old D90 can now join that list. Everyone, here is Iris.



Jeanie said...

Even real parents with 12 children get their names confused. Wow, I salute the both you.

Athalia said...

Actually I get confused too! When it came to the thumbdrives I was ready to stop there but Fergs insisted on going all the way.

Oh yeah, we're still thinking of a name for our place! That one must have.

me-cynick said...

Your kids will have very interesting names!

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