Monday, November 23, 2009

Renovations day thirteen

Today, the tile contractor finished all his work - that means all the grouting for the floor tiles of both bathrooms have been done, along with that white little fixture thingy in the corner (more on that in another post).

That's all. Goodnight.

Blog Police: Waitaminute. What's this?
Fergus: Hello Mr Blog Police.
Blog Police: Don't hello me. What's this? One sentence? You call that a blog post?
Fergus: It's late, dude. I need to go-
Blog Police: Don't dude me.
Fergus: Sorry.
Blog Police: I want you to lengthen your post. Two of you have been slacking off. You think readers come in to read the same posts twice?
Fergus: Errr no?
Blog Police: You're d*** right no! I give you one minute to lengthen today's post.

Crap. Errr... errr... by the time you read this, Ah Yaw would have started levelling up all the floors, doing all the cementing, lots of dirty work and stuff. Am planning to steal Iris for the day and get some-

Blog Police: Time's up. Let's see what you've got.
Fergus: I need more time, sir.
Blog Police: Don't sir me. "Crap. Errr... errr..."? You truly are pathetic, Fergus.
Fergus: I know Mr Blog Police.
Blog Police: Ok. You can go home now.

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