Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Renovations day five

Fergus had Thursday to call Ah Yaw.
Fergus had Friday to call Ah Yaw.
Fergus had Saturday to call Ah Yaw.
Fergus had Sunday to call Ah Yaw.
Fergus even met Ah Yaw on Monday.
Fergus dropped by the house again on Tuesday.

Fergus: ****!! ****!!
Athalia: What?
Fergus: Super****!!
Athalia: What?
Fergus: The powerpoints! The powerpoints that we decided not to do. They've done it.


Fergus: ****!! What are we gonna do??
Athalia: I'm gonna try to not get angry.
Fergus: No, you can get angry. You can get very angry.



Athalia said...

Hello everyone,

Just a disclaimer: Despite the four * symbols used, Fergus did not actually swear.

Also, within a particular group of friends we refer to situations like this as "Fergus doing a Fergus".

Other examples include leaving his car keys in someone else's car over lunch and thus getting stranded Cyberjaya after everyone else has gone home, forgetting his office keys and turning around to get them only to find that they were in his bag all along.

I think it's very sporting of him to post about this, I didn't expect him to. Aww honey you shouldn't have.

Jeanie said...

True or not, about the power points? Or is it just a joke?

Athalia, "Fergus doing a Fergus" cannot be more apt. You'd better watch out - there is a lot of this kind of genes in the Ong family. I mean the whole big Ong family ! hehe.

Genusfrog said...

unfortunately, it's true. but we got them to seal up some of the power points that were half done, and he didn't charge for those. a bit of wastage. but i guess that's money coming out of the tabung for extension cords and saves us the effort of hiding the extension cables nicely. hahahaa... sigh. i hate doing a fergus.

Athalia said...

Wow, thanks so much for stopping by Aunty Jeanie! :D

Actually this power point mistake wasn't that bad, but it makes a good story to tell :)

Genusfrog said...

by the way, i have a lot of aunties who also regularly do a fergus. i shalln't name names, but suffice to say, you haven't met them yet.

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