Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Renovations day ten

Grey drought? Are you kidding me? Look Athalia! More grey photos for our blog! Look! Look! What? Of course it is. It's got grey written all over it. White? That's not white. That's grey. What do you mean we picked them out together. I have no recollection of any such thing. I don't get it. It's grey. And splotchy. Oh, you mean you're talking about the spanking new white tiles with the matching new white grouting that our tile subcontractor put on just yesterday and today which would make it seemingly new-blogpost-worthy! Aiyah, say la. I was talking about the cement bit just above it that's been there for over a week now. But isn't it grey? Don't you just love it? Errr Athalia? Hello? You there?

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