Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Renovations day eleven

Eleven days of renovation have gone by and we're really starting to see the apartment take shape. The kitchen counter and its basins went up first, then both bathrooms' wall tiles. Then today, the balcony cement floor and this - the bathroom's second layer of waterproofing. Tomorrow, they lay the bathroom floor tiles over this waterproof layer.

Some days, when I think of the look we're going for, I gingerly wonder, is our house gonna look grey and still-in-construction even when it's done? I mean, do you know what we're (not) gonna do with our kitchen counter? Okay, I should stop musing. Keep this short and go to bed early. Tomorrow morning, I'm gonna take Ernest's advise and tell my tiles they're gonna get laid.


Roger said...

Haha. I actually laughed out loud when I read that last sentence.

Really enjoying the posts so far here. =D

Keep it up!

And I'm extremely excited to see how it looks after the main renovations are done.


Athalia said...

Hey hey, thanks so much! Your enthusiasm's very encouraging :)

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