Thursday, November 26, 2009

Renovations day sixteen

This is it. Five years of cold showers are about to come to an end with the purchase of this feral thermomonster. Yep, that's true. Of course, if you're anything like me, you're totally not looking at the words "Panasonic" or "Electric Home Shower" but you're wondering what on earth an "E sen" is.

Is it an electronic shilling?
Is it a Mandarin-speaking doctor?
Is it a Ghanaian Chelsea midfielder gone horribly wrong?

If it is, what's he doing in the shower with my future wife?


Jeanie said...

e.sen doesn't seem to make any sense. strange. the e seems to stand for electronic but the sen, hmm . . . common sense?! kakaka.

Genusfrog said...

electronic sense! OMG mummy you nailed it!

Jeanie said...

Still doesn't really make sense, haha.

Btw, you'll be changing the colour of your front door, right? Just a suggestion here - would you both agree that the iron grille colour should be the same as the wooden door's colour? This is to make the iron grille door as inconspicuous as possible. All white would be nice. Just a suggestion.

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