Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Relocating Fergus Ong

is no easy task. For a self-professed communist, that man has a lot of stuff. Also, we've decided to not kill ourselves climbing the stairs, so we've been moving bit by bit over the three weeks, since renovations finished. Oh yeah, we forgot to post that bit up. Opps.

So. People have been asking "So any updates on the house?" and all we have had to offer is "Errm, we're still moving Fergs into it." After a few weeks, we just sound lazy. And slow. Please bear in mind we've been out of town a number of weekends, which is prime moving time; there's been several rounds of celebrating Jesus' birthday; and after that there was a funeral to attend. So there. We don't look so bad after all.

Anyhow, in his own words, here's what the last two moving rounds have looked like.

Moving house deadline watch: 5 days to go
9am Pack microwave, beanbag, folders and box with boxes, boxers (the sportsmen) and boxers (the shorts)
10am Pack box with boxers (the dog)
11am Unload at new place and travel back to Muar

Moving house deadline watch: 2 days to go (at this point things heat up a little as the December 31 deadline looms)
9am Pack work gear and some more boxes. Work at new house
12pm Put long work process to run and head back to old room
12.15pm Pack clothes into box and backpacker bag
12.35pm Dismount deer head from wall and pack in plastic bag
1pm Unload and return
1.15pm Pack ironing board, tiger rug and kitchenware
1.45pm Dismantle PC
1.50pm Unload and return
3pm Pack kitchen knives, swiss army knife, hunting knife, samurai sword, axe, viking hat
5.10pm Pack movie posters, music posters, propaganda posters, table lamp and books
6pm Unload
6.45pm Kill puma
7pm Dinner

At the time of writing, there is ONE day left. There's still several carloads of stuff, mostly bulky stuff like his bookcase, TV and sofa. Will we make it before this year slips away? Ooo the suspense.

Postscript: On the first night of 2010, Fergus Ong will finally sleep under his very own roof. Hoorah!

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Jeanie said...

Kill the puma for dinner and mount its head on the wall.

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