Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Working from home

I worked from home yesterday. Not just any home - the new home!

Yes, I spent the morning and evening legs yesterday working from our new and newly cleaned apartment as seen above.

It's actually quite comfortable. Short of having a chair and table to hammer away on, the concrete floor is extremely cool to sit on (temperature cool). With the front sliding door and the back door and window open, it did not feel like 1pm on a Malaysian afternoon. Not at least till I left the apartment and got into my car.

Can't quite do breaknecking work there yet, but everything else, from scripting to logging and capturing video footage can be done from the new home. Just gotta get some furniture and that beautiful thing called An Internet Connection in. And a fluffy kitten. And a 9-foot teddy bear that speaks in Hebrew. Yes, once those are in, I can properly work from home.

Ah, gorgeous days.

Postscript: I should disclaim that the photo I took above is a nod to my next-year-to-be-brother-in-law david's post on his own house works and moving in. Go check out his swanky grey walls!

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David said...

Whoas! So honoured to be mentioned. Hehe.

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