Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Moleskins for 2010!

So it's five days into the new year and we still haven't posted. In the blogging world, that must be a sin commensurate to coveting thine neighbour's wife cattle. But here we are, back in the business of skipping down the meadowed lane, laughing with the birds and...


We got Moleskins!

Yes, as part of our annual fees to retain membership in the Klangvalley Uppity Yuppie Twentysomethings Society (KUYTS), Athalia and I went out and bought ourselves not one but two Moleskin diaries each. Yes, it promises to be a good year. A well-tracked year. A year full of entries of where we dined, what we bought and who we met as we chart the glamourous worl...

Athalia: Fergus, what's that?
Fergus: It's my Moleskin post. You like the picture? I photoshopped it so that-
Athalia: Chart the glamourous world? What glamourous world?
Fergus: Heh heh.
Athalia: We're penniless.
Fergus: You're exaggerating. I have some coins in the car.
Athalia: Look, now your post has no focus. You're supposed to be blogging about how we've resolved this year to keep devotional journals that we use to write sermon notes and quiet time doodles and how your efforts last year, albeit ultimately half-baked, have inspired us to reach greater heights in our shared dream to finish an unbroken year of journalling.
Fergus: You took the words right out of my mouth.
Athalia: -_-
Fergus: No, seriously, I was going to say exactly that in the next paragraph.
Athalia: -_-
Fergus: You're not amused right?
Athalia: I've got a fever. And you're writing nonsense. What do you think?
Fergus: I think I better write a proper post.
Athalia: A wise choice.

(clears throat)

Okay guys. We got Moleskin diaries. We're gonna be journalling this year. Awesome. Yeah. Cool. Way cool. Resplendent. Yeah.


CM said...

i know bare skins and snake skins..but mole skins ? Is that from this world..

Karen said...

commenting on the last two blogs.... are you sure your abode can take in the deer , tiger , puma and moles ? i must confess i m only in love with animals thru NG on tv.sure its safe to visit? pls don t further develope your hunting hobby.... thanks!

Cindy Lau said...

I am not a member of KUYTS. :(

Jeanie said...

A self-professed communist who hunts down moles.

Athalia said...

HAHAHAHAHAH! I'm really enjoying all the hilarious comments! Thanks so much :) Cindy, so great to see you here!

Btw, I found out a couple of things.

(1) We've been misspelling it, it's supposed to be Moleskine. (Fergus is a sak.)

(2) It's made of oilcloth, not the skin of a furry underground rodent.

Bit of a damper eh?

Karen said...

oh. forgot to point out, is there an editing secret on boxes , boxers(the sportsmen) boxers (the shorts) boxers(the dog) box with boxers .... and also communist choice of weapon,a sickle not swiss army knife, samurai sword.....

Genusfrog said...

Am I starting a Boxer Rebellion?? NoOooOo... no no. I'm just a docile civilian with a penchant for animal heads mounted on my walls!

Jeanie said...

Docile? Penchant for animal heads mounted on the wall? Can someone help me see the connection?

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