Friday, December 11, 2009

Our kitchen window

This is the view from our kitchen window. I don't know about you, but I'm quite in love with it.

Don't tell Athalia, but I can see myself doing most of the cooking next time. :)


Jeanie said...

Wow, what a panoramic view ! How many people can have a view like this one from their kitchen window?!
I can stand there and enjoy cooking for all of you. Feast for the eye and feast for the tummy.

Roger said...

Hmmm, I won't tell Athalia but she may just stumble on this blog and read it...

I'm anticipating a lot of take out and maggie mee when I'm married. That's the extent of our culinary skills.

jo said...

elloooooooooooooo! hi fergus and athalia! i'm just popping by! teehehehe will be following your blog if you don't mind. i find it truly fascinating and entertaining. hmmm i'm reading all your entries when i'm supposed to be sleeping! gah! =P anyway~! love the view tooo! can't wait to come back to see it! =P eeek!

Athalia said...

Dear Fergus, the kitchen sink, being directly in front of this window, offers you the most direct view. So I guess you'll also be doing all the washing up too. Wonderful!

Aunty Jeanie: Yes! The master bedroom faces the same side so we can enjoy it from there too. Can't wait for when you can come over, though we would like to cook for you instead!

Rog: I'm sure someone will be forced to learn basic cooking after a while. Of course, you're welcome to pop by our place every now and then for a meal provided you help to wash up after that of course. View thrown in for free. Hahaha!

Jo: Welcome, welcome welcome! Really happy to see you here. Of course we don't mind if you follow! Always happy to have more readership. The next time you come back you'll be able to visit!

Jeanie said...

Aha, Fergus darling, you're caught ! But i have a way out for you. Sell this song to Athalia (the song Pa n I used to sing when we were very, very, young, hehe) It goes ... "Every night we stay at home, my love and me alone, making wishes over dishes in the sink. Will our ..... " The rest will follow at an appropriate time, haha.

We're all looking forward to visiting your home sweet home and yes, Athalia, a lovely meal from you would be beautiful. Then we will make Fergus wash all the dishes after that, haha!

Di said...

Hi fergus! haven't been to your blog for so long - congrats on your new place! Isn't the renovation process so exciting? My own flat has concrete floors too! : )

Hello Athalia!


Genusfrog said...

Hi Diane! Wow. It's been so long. Congrats on getting married. We kinda followed all your wedding prep from your blog and i must say it was all very inspiring. Loved the exercise book!

Ah yes, renovation has been very exciting. Gonna paint the whole place and lay down floor boards in January, DIY. Keep reading!


Genusfrog said...

Mie, I can't remember the tune of that song anymore. Been thinking about it for a few days now. Hmmm... gotta get y'all to sing it over the new year!

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