Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The begining of the end of the year

And to mark this beginning, we've put up a new banner. I plan to do this monthly, hopefully this is not too large an ambition to handle.

Festive banner aside, Christmas looks in danger of being an after-thought that's crowded right at the end of an incredibly packed month. Here's what we have lined up over the next three weekends:
  • Moving Fergs into our new, unnamed place
  • Doing up said place - plenty of painting and laying floor boards and tinkering around
  • Two weddings, one in Muar
Also, Fergs will have to write, shoot and edit the final three episodes of his TV program, which may eat into the weekends. Thankfully, there are plenty of public holidays that fall nicely on Friday and I'm poised to take most of the following Mondays off, giving me a four-day weekend. Such bliss.


Genusfrog said...

i'm painting the ceilings. and possibly spray-painting the sliding doors from silver to black. all this should take place while athalia works on her stenciled wall.

watch out for the mustard.

Athalia said...

I'm helping you with the ceilings! Just a bit.

We have the walls too yea.

Anonymous said...

:) yea agree.. Dec09 seems to be a very packed month! :) well.. looks like there will be more colours soon :D

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