Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lesson 02: Lab sink

If you're a sane person, the kind with at least one practical bone in your body, and you are generally sensible, and you tend to make fairly solid decisions in life backed by the wisdom of those before you and your shrewdness on the day, then you're nothing like us, and you would buy yourself a normal sink.

But noOOOoooOOoooOoo. We had to go and buy ourselves a lab sink. A what sink?

A lab sink.


No, seriously. Some days, I really wonder what posessed us to buy a lab sink for our animal testing lab bathroom. It costs more, it doesn't have brackets that let you ram it into the wall and you can't just slap on any old tap. For starters, your tap has to come from the wall, not from the bottom. We've had to construct a base on which the sink will sit (see pics, from my lovely doodle to the finished article), and this hasn't only eaten into our fixtures budget, but it's also eaten into our tile budget, albeit at a whopping bill circa RM25.

Ok, big deal. It's about three square feet in total surface area. We even bought the perfect faucet for it only to have to rule it out because it's a tap that comes up from beneath and it's also too short. Yes, a lab sink on a base sticking out of the wall needs a faucet that juts out some 8 inches if you want to wash your hands with any semblance of peace. All-in-all, it's a fuss that 10 out of 10 sane people would avoid.

Which is why we are loving every bit of it. All hail the white lab sink!

All: Hail!
Fergus: Thanks All. You're very sporting to play along.
All: No probs. Nice sink.


Jeanie said...

I looove your lab sink. It's beautiful. Doesn't look one bit like a lab sink. Good choice, good choice.

blah said...

you can drown a baby in that sink! good use no? XD

Genusfrog said...

hehehee... the sink is awesome. we've got the faucet on now too, so it looks even smarter. :D

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