Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Guest post from Lionel Messi!

Hola Fergus,

It's me, Lionel. I heard that you've been saying that blue and red don't go together? What's this, bro? I always thought you had good taste but I think maybe you've been a bit stressed, no? Well, don't be stressed - impossible is nothing and that includes painting your wall or your door or your ceiling blue and it will match with your red couch, just like FC Barcelona. Un momento...

(Es su sala de estar, Andreas. Que no quiere que en azul y rojo. Está bien. Está bien.)

My friend Iniesta ask me to tell you that the blue shade, if it is near the purple tone, it is very nice to go with the red. He likes that very much.

All the best with your house. Come and see me one day, I will show you my World Player of the Year trophy. Oh. That Athalia has good taste. You should listen to her advice.

Lionel Messi


blah said...

whats the red and blue? -_-
FYI red does go with blue.

Athalia said...

Well the couch is red, and we're trying to match wall/furnishing colours with it.

Of course red goes with blue. Just look at our national flag.

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