Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Wedding Watch: Week 28

Welcome to our Wednesday Wedding Watch!

We've decided to start a weekly wedding countdown, because isn't it a great idea to make this whole project more stressful? It'll be posted on Wednesdays because I like alliterating words, and it's basically a summary of the ground we've covered in the past week.

So as you can see, there are 28 more weeks to go. (Unless our application gets rejected.) And what have we done so far? Well it so happens that it can be summed up nicely in three Bs:

Budget - I came up with this exercise where Fergs and I each filled up a budget separately, then we compared amounts. Guess what? We're within RM500 of each other! There's still some fat to trim, but at least we've got a rough one down.

Boards - You can call them colourboards, inspiration boards or mood boards. Fergs has two whole posts on this so hang on tight for that in a very short while.

Blow - Not the drug kind, the kind that makes you want to cry. The photographer I had set my heart on isn't available. I love her style, but she'll be out of the country. I know there are other alternatives, but I need a bit of time to mourn. Then I'll get back on my feet and start hunting again.

So that wraps this week's Wednesday Wedding Watch. See you in seven days!

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Anonymous said...

hey.. :) did you manage to find another photographer :)

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