Thursday, January 28, 2010

What is a colourboard?

It's only just come to my attention that one of the nifty things wedding designers do is to come up with colourboards. Athalia's been talking about colourboards for weeks and so I've gone into some of these wedding blogs, picked my way through all the gown-gown posts and hunted down what these colourboards are ... and my word, they're fun!

They're these little colour panels, and you typically choose about two to five of them to make an attractive colour combination, and then dictate with the will of Mao and the voice of Churchil that everything that crawls within one mile of your wedding needs to be "in brand" with your colourboard. Put differently, everybody adheres to the theme.

And they have the sweetest names for their colours. You won't find no "Blue" or "Green" in this subculture, no, instead you get colour names like "Liquorice" and "Pecan". I absolutely love it.

Man: What colour is your car?
Fergus: Aloe.

How cool is that? Okay maybe not aloe. But so excited was I, I immediately leapt into the mighty task of making one myself without realising that across town, Athalia was doing the same. She even went one up on me, having put together an "inspiration board". Whoa whoa wait. There's the colourboard right? Then what's an inspiration board? And why don't I know any of these things?

It turns out, an inspiration board something like a collection of photos that you find and put together as an illustration of what all your wedding photos would look like if you stuck to your colourboard. Or what they won't look like if you dictated it with the will of Louis XVI and the voice of Prince Sihanouk.

I swear, I have been living under a shell.

And so, in the very near future, we shall be posting our boards. And that's where you come in - your comments on which boards you prefer can and may nudge our decision. Keep coming back readers. We absolutely love you.

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Jeanie said...

Oh my God, Fergus, Prince Sihanouk ! We both had such a smacking good laughing session watching him talk. 'Chio kao paat toh tyean! Read his lips . . haha. Anybody who feels depressed should have a chance to watch and hear him talk. It's the best therapy! It's a pity we don't see him on tele anymore.

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