Monday, January 18, 2010

Second birthday of the year

The second birthday celebrated this year was the first birthday for the first grandchild in his family. That makes it a very momentous occasion yes? So we had a cosy celebration in the house over a long, late tea that went all the way past dinner. Also, there was ice-cream cake, which may just be the best kind of cake there is. Unless you don't like ice-cream.

Funny bits to remember: the frenzied paparazzi session that erupted before the ice-cream cake came out - Fergus has pictures of half the family kneeling with cameras/phones outstretched in front of the bemused-looking babe - and how everyone was way more excited over opening presents than the recipient. I mean, why wouldn't fully-grown humans get excited over bath toys, baby Gap shirts and cute, tiny footwear? Plus there were cats kittens a plenty. Lots of 'em. Fatin is practically conditioned to grow up loving cats.

Presents everywhere!

How many cats can you count?

Part of the paparazzo.

Gratuitous food shot.

On a personal note, I hand-made part of our gift, which is something I haven't done properly in ages, and the rush it gave me made me consider why not. I've decided I want to craft more, and when I got back I stayed up to clear out my table and some shelves to make space for inspiration and materials.

Here's to more creative endeavors this year.


Michelle Foo said...

yo yo.. put up a pic of ur hand-made gift la.. =)

Athalia said...

Haha I knew I'd get that request at some point. I'm a little shy to put it up and also, I don't actually have a photo of it! But I know the other cameras have, so will ask for a copy.

Anonymous said...

Oooh what did you make ;-) ?

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