Thursday, January 7, 2010

First birthday of the year

(Yesterday, at The Gardens)

I always enjoy his family's birthday dinners - they really, really know how to do one nicely. The routines of candle-lighting, song-singing, cake-cutting and present-opening get elevated by a fresh sense of excitement and love every single time.

Here's to a whole year of birthdays ahead.


Ernest said...

Ooh. My awesome blossom icing-writing skills are now for public viewing, albeit obscured by the angle of the shot.

Athalia said...

Oooh, you found us out. Do we have to pay royalties for publishing your work?

Jeanie said...

Wow, the sub-editor by day and editor by night has just made a grand entrance, haha!

Athalia, looks like this is the beginning of Discovery Channel for you. Wait till you hang out with us on more family occasions, kakaka ! Welcome on board !

CM said...

i like birthday too..we should call it birthmonth....then you can have a whole month....and why stop there....

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