Friday, June 4, 2010

Hullo, second half of 2010

It's the first day of June. At least it was when I started writing this and left it sitting incomplete in the drafts till now. But anyway. This marks the first day of the second half of the year. Which got me thinking.

1. I counted and there are exactly 10 weekends left before The Wedding Happens. Across 4 of those weekends, The World Cup Happens. Meaning, there will be less time to think about The Wedding That Is Happening. Btw, I came up with this month's tagline. Surprised?

2. I can't really imagine what married life would be like. At this point, it doesn't feel like anything will change, other than when I wake up I wouldn't be alone in my room anymore. To be honest, it sometimes feels like I've been married to Fergus for a while now. Mainly because how we interact is hardly inwardly-orientated and exclusive or "couple-in-love" anymore. Instead, it's evolved into running around carrying out other relational obligations together - my family, his family, my church, his church, his cell, my cell, friends, countrymen, lend me your ears. Add to that: facing all the chores and duties and errands of being adults - servicing cars, paying bills, budgeting and buying household supplies (more on that coming up!). See, don't we sound like a married couple already?

3. I've always known I wanted to get married. Some people are in the "It'll be nice if it happens at some point but I'm not too fussed about it either way" or "I don't think so right now, maybe when I'm older?" camps, but I never was. There never was a question about it, but right now asI get nearer and nearer to changing my single status permanently, I'm thinking about how I don't want being married to define me in big way. Or maybe, I don't want it to redefine me in a big way. It's like I imagine that after the 14th of August, I'll have a big label stuck on me that says MARRIED WOMAN that I can't take off or cover up and everyone will stare and point.

Hmm. Maybe I'm feeling self-conscious among our mostly unmarried friends and cell members.

Anyway, those are my muddled thoughts so far. And now I'm gonna throw this out there. Tell me, how do you think being married re-defines someone?


jo Koo said...

how do you think being married re-defines someone?

you are no longer a MISS....but a MRS....

=P all right all right. i'm talking nonsense. Don't blame me. It's almost 1am here and i need to work tmr! roar! Can't wait to call you Mrs Fergus! WAKAKAKA.

*feeling a bit loopy*


NickTay said...

Trust me, things will change. There will be bliss times and times you didn't realize that your partner had such habits, but Its a joyful journey

Roger said...

The second half of the year starts in July. :P

I'm kinda wondering about how different married life will be too.

Haha! Guess we'll be finding out at almost the same time.

Genusfrog said...

Jo Koo: How are you? Glad to see you here, and loopy. Yes, Mrs Fergus sounds just about right. Errmm... I think. Haha.

NickTay: Yes, I'm sure things will change. But do you "feel" different? Like, did you feel a distinct shift in your identity?

Roger: Hmmm.... it is, isn't it?

Athalia said...

Oh my, Roger you're right! Hahaha, I'm one month too early then.

About married life, you have one week to tell me how it is.

Jo and Nick: Thanks for your feedback! I think I will quite like being called Mrs Fergus. Not so sure about Mrs Ong tho..sounds more aunty.


David said...

Ah, here's an immediate realization on my part:

You have a permanent, indispensible roommate!


Nick Tay said...

Yes, I do feel my identity has changed. I think that's healthy actually. You need to evolve as a person, as you grow and your roles changes, from boy to man, to husband and one day father, your personality and identity change. Your core values, will change. As long as its for the better, then its a good thing!

Genusfrog said...

I can't wait for it all to happen actually. I'm enjoying this phase of "growing up" very, very much. Rebranding on!

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