Monday, May 31, 2010

How can you not be excited about the greatest event in the world?

It's June my friends. June. The month of the World Cup. And boy is the fever on!!

World Cup has always meant a lot to me and now it's meaning a lot to Athalia as well. She's a fervent supporter of Germany and Spain. I support what she likes to call "the dirty Italians". Of course, there's the English and the Dutch for me too. Our rivalries are heating up, and I think the only safe ground for our kids next time is Argentina. Or France. Actually no. That might get them killed.

And so, here's a toast to many late nights, many roars of joy, sobs of defeat, and may this World Cup be the best one yet!


NickTay said...


Mad Cow said...

Don't worry - I will Hand of God ur kids in the face :P

Athalia said...

After I do, hahahah!

Nick: I'm fond enough of the Oranje too - while they last in the tournament :)

Genusfrog said...

Sigh - Nederland. Their best chance was in 1974 - the TV with the word "These". It's a travesty Johan Cruyff never won the World Cup. :(

Nvm! Forza Italia!!

Anonymous said...

wait a minute.. how come there's no mention of brazil in your post...??? -_-"

Genusfrog said...

Q: Because neither of us like Brazil! Hehee. Who are you supporting? Wait, wait, lemme guess.....

..... Brazil.

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