Saturday, June 19, 2010

Buying dish-washing liquid with Athalia kicks ass

Grocery shopping with Athalia's gonna be fun.

A few nights ago, we hit Carrefour and what began as a simple stopover to pick up some cleaning products turned out more like a dress rehearsal for a lifetime of supermarket shopping. I'll drop you in just as we began bickering about what dish-washing liquid to get.

Fergus: I know your mum uses Sunlight, but do we really have to buy it as well?
Athalia: But why? I like Sunlight.
Fergus: Yes, but it's like, twice the price of the other brands.
Athalia: It's not twice.
Fergus: It is. Look, it's RM5.50. That's twice the price of Labour.
Athalia: No it's not. That's 3 something.
Fergus: No. Look, RM2.60.
Athalia: But my skin is sensitive. You don't want my skin to be hurt do you?
Fergus: No, that's why, we can get Glo. See, Glo is a good brand and it's like, 4 something.
Athalia: No Glo.
Fergus: We can't walk down these aisles and pick up all the premium products.
Athalia: But we're not doing that. I gave in on the Scotch Brite.
Fergus: True. Still, why can't we just get Labour?
Athalia: Because I support the Tories.


Fergus: Ok, you convinced me.

(30 seconds later)

Fergus: I love that you can make these kind of jokes.


Nick Tay said...

hahaha :) That's why I rush and put all the products I want in the cart when Sara is not looking!

Genusfrog said...

Nick, you are a clever man. Must. Learn. These. Secrets.

(doo doo doodoodoooOOoOoo)

Athalia said...

Nick & Fergs, you forget that I have hawk eyes. NOTHING ESCAPES MY PIERCING SIGHT.

My plan is to go shop for these supplies on on my own. So what ever I want will just mysteriously appear in the cupboards (or appear to never run out) and Fergs will be none wiser! Muahahahahaha.

Oh yeah. I wanted to disclaim that I don't actually support Labour. It was just a funny thing to say.

Genusfrog said...

But you didn't say you support Labour. You said you support Tories. :P

Vernon said...

Hahahhaha... go Tories go!!!

Jeanie said...

Labour & Tories. Very good one! kakakakaka!

You know, you should have just "Glo with Sunlight!" Put both at the kitchen sink and each will happily make your wishes as you wash your dishes! Solve all problems, hahaha!

Nick Tay said...

my suggestion? Refill the bottles of sunlight with glo, so the bottles never empty!!

Mad Cow said...

Tame the socialist scum!!! TAME HIIIIMMMMM!!!!

Next you need to buy some BOH Tea... Its Cameron-ian...


Ernest said...

Look at that - youngsters nowadays like to blog about useless things like dishwashing liquid and the like. You should be discussing important topics like how to generate savings from using fuel-efficient kitchen appliances, or how to identify water leaks by taking a proper reading of your water meter.

Genusfrog said...


Dude, I'm gonna have a bar graph for my water bills. Just you wait!! Hahahahah!!

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