Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wedding decor: Poms, poms and poms

I loooooove fabric poms. Look at the strings of frilly joy!
They're real easy to make (tutorial here) and can be done while watching TV, sitting around yaking or going to cell. Hehe. Really, it's just drawing circles on fabric, cutting them out, folding them into quarters and stitching six together. Repeat 1,000 times. Piece of cake.

These larger, hanging poms don't even require stitching, just hot-gluing onto a styrofoam sphere (tutorial here).
I plan to make these to decorate the edge of the pews like this:string the smaller poms across the chapel like this:
and stick individual poms around every other place like this:
See why I need 1,000 poms? However, I'll settle for how ever many can be reasonably made.

Best part is, we're going to reuse all these in Muar for the garden dinner - with the addition of fairy lights! I think that it'll look as lovely as this. Minus the tent of course.
Sigh. I love poms.


NickTay said...

looks like there are going to be loads of interesting little details to take pictures of at your wedding :)

Athalia said...

Hehe yes! I love details :)

Adsflavours said...
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Adeline said...

we can set aside 2 cell weds to help you with the poms!

Jeanie said...

(You've to sing this to the tune of "Sugar in the morning, sugar in the evening, sugar at suppertime..."

Pompoms on the ceiling
Pompoms on the carpet
Pompoms hanging from the trees
Everywhere there's pompoms
As cheerful as can be!

Athalia said...

Hey Ade, that would be real fun! I started on some yesterday and I'm thrilled that they've turned out really well!

Aunty Jeanie: HAHAHAHHA! That really sums up how I feel :)

sarah kate said...

The Poms are BEAUTIFUL!!! (here in pictures and in real life) Gosh you have such good ideas (:

Ernest said...

Eeh, why your wedding inspiration so old-looking one? Nowadays wedding means must have bright colours and those modern decorations like double happiness or like pictures of doves like that. You all should get proper wedding planner, then sure will be grand and minimise the cost also.

Genusfrog said...

Double happiness rocks the docks.

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