Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ring II: Mobius

Mobius. Yes, mobius because our wedding rings are going to be in the shape of a mobius strip: a band with a twist that makes it mathematically one-sided. Run your finger along the outer side of the ring and you'll end up in the inner side of it. Keep running your finger and you'll end up back on the outer side again. And we like it. No, we love it! In Athalia's own words, it's the "ultimate expression of two becoming one".

Of course, with a mobius strip for a ring, I can also sock an attacker in the face and cause more damage. No? A bit lame? Ok, lemme think of another one. Ooh, with a mobius strip for a ring, it would be easier for me to distinguish my ring every time me and the boys remove our rings to form the Audi logo. No, no, that's terrible. That's really bad. Wise people always stop when they're off form. So here goes.


(Onwards to a jeweller.)


Michelle Foo said...

i totally like this idea for the ring!

NickTay said...

me likes :)

Vernon said...

With a mobius ring you can use mobius-ey bit as an emergency screwdriver (for the right sized screw).

With a mobius ring Athalia can call herself Captain Ahab and you Mobius... only to be done after the wedding.

With a mobius ring you can join the faux-intellectual glitterati and sip champagne while discussing the Natural Laws of Pragmatic Disassociations and Feral Linguistics.

Genusfrog said...

Mich Foo & Nick: Yes! It's lovely!

Vernon: I've already found a group who sip ewe milk latte and talk about whether the "Post" in Post-Deconstructionalism and the "Post" in Post-Romanticism is in fact the same "Post". Can't wait to wear that ring.

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