Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ring I: Prohibitive

So, getting a wedding ring is not quite the same as buying a bag of cheezles. Ignore the fact that after a bit of shopping, all wedding rings, like cheezles, start to look the same - they're not. Nonetheless, after a bit of online browsing, we thought we'd be extra clever and get our rings custom made.

We even found an amazing online jeweler based in Singapore and Thailand whose work involved sustainable support for a community of indigenous Thai mountain silversmiths. Or something like that. She was cool. Her work was way cool. And so, a few emails later, we set up a Skype meeting, got on the phone and nervously talked terms. We were both enthralled.

She understood what we wanted. We talked about the concept. We talked about the material. We talked a bit about design details.

And then we talked about price.

End of story.


NickTay said...

with the GST refund, buying the rings in Singapore is actually quite a good idea. I don't think you should buy online, as based on the style of ring, it feels diff on your finger. Sara and my wedding bands are a style called comfort fit, which actually feels diff from the standard rings. If you do buy in Singapore, fly there so you can get a GST refund, with all these budget airlines its quite cheap actually :)

Jeanie said...

Actually, a wedding band is just symbolic of 2 people having vowed to love and live their lives together forever. You can call them 'The bands that bind." Ultimately it is the love the couple have for each other that counts.

I'm wearing my friendship ring and papa is wearing no ring but our love for each other is boundless, haha! Just my view, baybee.

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