Monday, April 12, 2010

Our fantastic bridal team dinner party of gluttony and laughter

I've always been the kind of person who keeps his different groups of friends fairly separate. I don't always succeed, and most of the time, it's much better when I colossally fail. And fail I did, because this past Saturday, Athalia and I invited our bridal/groomal team over to her house for a meet and greet dinner.

Soon, we'll be introducing you to our team of bridesmaids, groomsmen, family reps and our in-brand wedding planner. It's a group that consists of a complex mixture and overlapping of childhood friends, my church friends, Athalia's church friends, work friends, siblings and whatever plus ones we could get our soon-to-be-wedded hands on.

And so it ensued, this wonderful mash bash of our 0.1 degree of separation people, eating, getting to know each other and eventually settling down for me to clumsily run through some wedding planning while my brains sat at the table eating baked chicken. And all this information, of course, is just a lengthy excuse for me to attach this, the invite we spent four hours making, the real point of this post, so voila!


Vernon said...

I never got the invite. Give me one now!

Athalia said...

Haha, that will be Fergs' fault. Err, you can download this one! we emailed it out anyway.

Vernon said...

Maaf maaf! I actually got it. Fergs is not the irresponsible git I made him out to be.

Genusfrog said...

Nama suciku dikembalikan. Jahanam engkau Si Brute, dengan kata-kata muslihatmu!

jo said...

heheehhe love the invite.. it's super cool! giggle!!!

love the blog btw!!! Keep updating k!!!! some ppl here down-under need to be updated on the cool happenings back in Malaysia! i just love wedding stories. sigh. it's a beautiful process!!! weeee!

love lots JO KOOOOOOOOO!

Lee Timothy said...

T.T i cant goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

oomoo said...

I didn't get at invite either!

Athalia said...

Jo: Hugssss! And ooooo a new blog! We definitely have more stories to tell so keep coming back :)

Tim: This was just the first one, there'll be many more chances to meet everyone when you get back!

oomoo: Haha, that's cos you're not in the country ;)

Qianyi said...

:D i really like the invite too :DDD

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