Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Wedding Watch: Week 26

POkay, I skipped last week's watch. Please don't sue me. There wasn't a lot to report that week, and I was lazy. But hoo boy, did pieces suddenly fall into place across the end of Wednesday and across Thursday. Lots of good, good pieces which so nicely, all begin with "P". Perfect.

Pastors - we nervously approached Fergs' pastor, Ps Lee Choo, to speak at our wedding knowing chances were slim that she'll still be available but miraculously, she was. My pastor, Ps Gwen, will officiate us.

Place - BCM has given us the green light to use their chapel and we've secured the date. I know I've appeared cool about this, but I've actually waited for this confirmation very eagerly. But dang, we've not started work on our save the dates.

Planner - We got one, uhuh-uhuh, who volunteered, uhuh-uhuh. Our first meeting was on Monday and across baskets of bottomless tostada chips, we covered so much ground that I'm in awe and shall now refer to her here as The Mighty Planner (TMP). Of course it's a woman. I wouldn't trust a man with this.

Party - With the above in place, we're planning a dinner meet up for TMP, the bridal team and other miscellaneous bondservants to get acquainted with each other and all on the same page. That should happen first weekend of March.

And that's my update. Posting has been light this week but we'll have something up on Friday before the long, long weekend.

Till then, Peace!


NickTay said...

Woohoo!! Let the countdown begin! If you have not bought your wedding bands yet, try Singapore. If you fly there on Air Asia, you can get a GST refund, and they have a better range of rings there :)

Genusfrog said...

Ooh, as a matter of fact, we'll be in Singapore next weekend. Nice! (Incidentally too, a ringmaker whose work we both like is also Singaporean.)

Anonymous said...

ooooo.. so happy for the two of you.. everything is coming together now :DD

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